Smiles, Sitting Up & Rolling Over

The first things that your little person does that are not part of their everyday survival (eat, sleep, poop) are the most heart warming things you will experience as a parent.  That first smile will, for most, make the troubles, trials and challenges seem worth it.  The first giggle will make the pain that you might have experienced to bring the little person into the world seem worth it.

All of these firsts are leading on the path to more and more independence for you little person, but don’t rush them!

There are numerous books and sites out there that have timed all of the firsts down to the month, day, week that an average child will be learning things.  Don’t panic if you child falls outside of this norm, on either side.  The sooner they start to move themselves around you house the sooner you have to make sure all the dangers are removed, protected, and you have to watch for little toes and fingers.

When my son got more interested in things beyond the tip of his nose we started walking outside.  Going to the zoo, which he typically slept through, or walking to the store.  It was important for us to get out of the house at least a couple of days a week, if not everyday for a little while.  Socializing children is extremely important to their development, or at least I believe this to be so and have seen this with my social child.

Socializing yourself, with other moms, is also important.  They may have stories or tricks to use in certain situations that you had not thought of or you might have advise for them.  Getting outside helps in many ways with making sure that you as a mom are able to provide the best care for your little person.  You get exercise which helps with your energy levels, hopefully you get some son which is needed for vitamin D, and there is the change of scenery which allows you to think about something other than the laundry, diapers, cooking, etc. that happen when you are at home.

Our little people will perform their milestones (smiles, giggles, laughs, rolling over and sitting up) regardless of who’s home you are visiting.  Just because you have a child doesn’t mean that you have to forget about doing things that you enjoy.  You just need to make adjustments and now that you have the feeding and sleeping schedule somewhat figured out those adjustments can be made.

Enjoy this time as once they start to walk……..Hey come back here!



Published by Sabrina J. Adams (Syryn TheVoice)

I have many different hats that I wear. Throughout my life I have been many different things: a small business owner, problem solver, mother, friend, sister, writer, designer, employee, manager, consultant, gamer, leader and many more buzz words that I can't think of. Many of these I still do, but some I have let go to focus more on the here and now. I like to share my experiences, ideas and funny things I run across. Ask me something and I will provide an honest and likely unfiltered opinion. I am still learning about life, myself, relationships, parenting and well everything else. I am not superwoman and don't really have my life together, but I manage and am willing to share my tips and learnings. Writing for me can be cathartic and sharing makes us not feel so alone in this crazy, mess of a world we currently inhabit.

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