Adult Holiday Beverages

Red Room of Pain — Lovely and red, this one will leaving you feeling no pain.

1/2 shot of Grand Marnier Rouge
1/2 shot white rum
1/2 shot pineapple juice
1/2 shot cranberry juice

Pour the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake. (Bonus points if you make sexy noises while doing this.)

Strain into a cocktail glass.

Top with a cherry, of course.


Twitchy Palm — Caffeine plus alcohol will have all your body parts twitching in no time.

1/2 shot whiskey
1/2 shot amaretto
1 can Energy Drink (like Red Bull)

Mix well, and serve over ice.


Kinky Fuckery — Pink for kink, this one will eff you up if you’re not careful.

3 ounces raspberry vodka
2 ounces champagne
1 ounce Peach Schnapps
1 ounce pomegranate juice
Peach slices

Put two slides of peach in the bottom of a martini glass.

Mix vodka, champagne, pomegranate juice, and Schnapps and pour over ice.

Sip, slurp, and chew.


The Silk Knot

1 oz Bulleit Rye Whiskey
1 oz Green Chartreuse liqeur
1 oz sweet vermouth
.5 oz white creme de cacao

Stir all ingredients over ice to chill.  Pour over fresh ice in an Old Fashion glass.


Sex on a Boat

1.5 oz Flor De Cana – 4 Year White Rum
.75 oz peach nectar
.75 oz pineapple juice
.75 oz mango nectar
.75 oz Lemon Hart 151

Pour first four ingredients into a tall glass and fill with pebble ice.  Then add the final ingredient.


The Charlie Tango

1.5 oz blended scotch whiskey
.5 oz islay malt whiskey
1 tsp can sugar syrup
2 dashes of Bittermans Mole Bitters
1 dash of Bittermans Hellfire Shrub

Use the same kind of glass used for an Old Fashioned drink, build over ice and garnish with an orange twist


Published by Sabrina J. Adams (Syryn TheVoice)

I have many different hats that I wear. Throughout my life I have been many different things: a small business owner, problem solver, mother, friend, sister, writer, designer, employee, manager, consultant, gamer, leader and many more buzz words that I can't think of. Many of these I still do, but some I have let go to focus more on the here and now. I like to share my experiences, ideas and funny things I run across. Ask me something and I will provide an honest and likely unfiltered opinion. I am still learning about life, myself, relationships, parenting and well everything else. I am not superwoman and don't really have my life together, but I manage and am willing to share my tips and learnings. Writing for me can be cathartic and sharing makes us not feel so alone in this crazy, mess of a world we currently inhabit.

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