Expecting and Freaking Out

Okay I am not expecting at this time.  However do have a two year old and a number of people around me that are expecting.

Many first time parents go through the excitement of being parents only to come crashing down into the panic of “I can’t do this” “How am I supposed to do this”  “I am going to be a horrible parent”

While some people just aren’t cut out to be parents most of us will do just fine.

The biggest piece of advice I can give any person who has an ounce of common sense and ability to reason is trust yourself.  You will know what to do, and guess what if you don’t ask someone.

A lot of these feelings come to light even before the child is born.  There are so many things that you are preparing.  A room, getting the safety equipment, etc.  Changes are numerous in your body as well.  The feelings of being overwhelmed are normal.

Nothing needs to happen immediately.  You have plenty of time to worry, stress, and freak out over decisions that you child will make when they arrive and grow up.

Enjoy the experience, not everyone is able to have it.  Share it with friends and family.  Make new friends.  Sign up for support groups if you are doing this on your own.  There are so many options and opportunities for support out there now.

But most of all…trust your instincts.  You will make mistakes, it happens to even supermom.  I bet if you asked the person you think is supermom they would tell you many many stories.

You are about to embark on an epic journey!  Enjoy the ride!


Published by Sabrina J. Adams (Syryn TheVoice)

I have many different hats that I wear. Throughout my life I have been many different things: a small business owner, problem solver, mother, friend, sister, writer, designer, employee, manager, consultant, gamer, leader and many more buzz words that I can't think of. Many of these I still do, but some I have let go to focus more on the here and now. I like to share my experiences, ideas and funny things I run across. Ask me something and I will provide an honest and likely unfiltered opinion. I am still learning about life, myself, relationships, parenting and well everything else. I am not superwoman and don't really have my life together, but I manage and am willing to share my tips and learnings. Writing for me can be cathartic and sharing makes us not feel so alone in this crazy, mess of a world we currently inhabit.

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