Why Air, Earth, Fire, Water

I am not an expert in anything in particular, in fact, I am still learning new things.  However, people are always asking me what I think and well, I have lots of opinions.  Actually I have an opinion on practically everything.

So here you will find my opinions, suggestions and pieces of advice for all facets of life.


I choose the title Air, Earth, Fire, Water as these are all of the elements for life.

Air is required to breath, this also indicates the space we need to think, be and enjoy the aspects of life that make us happy

Earth is required for sustenance, we need food and earth helps provide this.  Earth is also grounding, brings us back to what truly matters.  It reminds us of what we need to survive all of the troubles and challenges we face.

Fire is the heat of life.  It is the catalyst for everything.  Heat is also believed to be part of passion, romance, lust, longing and everything else related to relationships with significant others and love of friends.

Water is the calming influence and nourishment of life.  Within each happy life there will be tears, of joy, sadness, frustration and love.

To me all of these things are necessary to have a happy life, even through all of the trials and unhappy times we have these elements or manifestations of them.


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